What better place to base a deep house chill record label than in the Great White North? In Winnipeg, Canada, a sunny but very chill locale, temperatures sometimes reach minus 40 degrees Celsius in the winter – making it the perfect place to centralize our chill music empire.

Dream House Beats is the emerging deep house chill and indie dance record label of renowned Canadian artist development agency, music publishing company and publicity house, Sound Strategy Music. Founded in 2006, Sound Strategy Music (a division of Sound Strategy Communications Ltd.) has grown to become a leader in international music excellence, working with artists across the globe. Most recently, Sound Strategy expanded into dance music, creating the Dream House Beats label. Its management team is committed to releasing quality music by world-class artists united by a common element: passion. With Dream House Beats, our goal is to be our artists’ biggest cheerleaders, and work exhaustively to support them. Some of our recent signings include Spain-based EDM artist, Skreamz; up-and-coming Turkish DJ Mert Omd; along with Ashes and Dreams.

We support our artists in many ways: from catapulting them onto the iTunes charts, releasing their music on Deezer, Google Play and other online retailers through our distribution agreement with Believe Digital UK, getting them on Spotify playlists, seeking licensing opportunities, and broadcasting their music on our in-house podcast, The Dream House, to name a few offerings. Dream House Beats also has access to Sound Strategy Music’s in-house publicity + promotions department, which excels at international radio promotion and getting its artists’ music heard by international tastemakers.

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