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The Dream of Dream House Beats

June 27, 2017 by Lisa

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The dream of Dream House Beats is all about the spirit of collaboration: working together to create a space where indie dance and deep house music is appreciated, celebrated and shared with others. Basically, our dream is to become a gateway of creation for ourselves and other artists. By discovering new music which excites us, we are motivated to tell others about it and do everything in our power to promote it. We want to share that music, and allow others to discover the musical gems we’ve found, too. Mert OmdLike this artist, Mert Omd, whose CD, Awakenings, we are about to release. You know that feeling when you discover a new artist whose music affects you, transporting you to that special place that only a good song brings you? That place is euphoric. It’s intriguing. It’s food for your ears. This is the place we live in at Dream House Beats.

We are inspired by our friends on Soundcloud who continually make new music that surprises us. We love listening to radio programs like Sirius XM Chill, and podcasts like Nora en Pure’s Purified radio show and Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy. So, we thought, “why not become a part of that movement? Why not share the music we love, too?” Better yet…why not help the undiscovered underdogs who are creating music that no one has heard yet? So, we have created our deep house label to further that dream. Our Dream House Beats podcast, The Dream House, aims to discover new talent and bring it forward for people to hear. In a way, we want to take these artists, put their music in a slingshot, and propel it into other people’s universes as well. For us, it is about collaboration. Touching people with music. Sharing our discoveries with others. This is the dream of Dream House Beats.


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