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New CD, Awakenings coming soon!

Who is Mert Omd?

Mert OmdAs soon as Mert Omd saw a YouTube video about Novation’s Launchpad MIDI controller, he thought to himself, “I must create music!” However, Omd’s kind of music involves programming loops, sounds and effects – known as digital or electronic music. Specializing in Progressive House and Trance music, the Turkey-based artist tries to keep an open mind. “I listen to all kinds of music for inspiration, from Turkish artists like Duman, Cem Adrian and Feridun Düzağaç, to popular dance artists like Tiesto, Rihanna, David Guetta and Pitbull.” Using FL Studio recording software, Omd’s creative tools include his computer, MIDI keyboard and headphones. “I learned how to produce music myself. This is what I am most proud of in my life,” he says. He sticks to instrumentals because “I'm not a good poet. I'm so bad at writing lyrics.”

Omd was born in Rize, Turkey, where he attended primary and high school, eventually moving to Trabzon to study Energy Systems Engineering at Karadeniz Technical University. It was in high school that Omd developed his love for electronic dance music. “When I was in high school, we listened to music with headphones on while we were studying lessons. That was the popular thing to do. After I heard electronic music, I got hooked.” Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” and Afrojack’s “Rock the House” were especially beloved by Omd. This passion led to Omd developing ideas for his own music – “My music is part of my soul,” says Omd – as well as collaborating with others. Omd has worked with fellow producers like Furkan Sahinn, Derrez, Selim Sahin and Difper, and vocalists like Cicekkk. “I'll collaborate with more artists in the future, too.” Perhaps even his father, who plays the traditional Turkish instrument, the bağlama. Currently,

Omd is preparing to release his debut CD, Awakening, on the Dream House Beats label. “When I sent a demo to my friend, they suggested the name ‘Awakening’ to me. It’s the name of a song, as well as the name of the album. This release really is like an awakening or debut. “ As for some of the other songs, Omd says he “imagined ‘Galaxy’ while watching the sky at night; while the song ‘Larid’ was a misspelling when I accidentally hit the wrong keys on a keyboard, but I really liked that name.“ As he puts his music out into the universe, Omd hopes others experience an awakening when they listen to it, too.

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