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Skreamz - Good Vibes


Skreamz's debut EP, Good Vibes, is now available on Beatport.




Who is Skreamz?

SkreamzSkreamz is a Spanish/American DJ and producer, whose songs make you feel happy and put you in an instant good mood. His musical skills appear to be genetic. Skreamz’ perception of sound may be due to the influence of his grandfather Bienvenido Rodriguez, a well-known Latin musician and producer.Born in Miami and now based in Madrid, Skreamz (aka Jaime Mesia) started playing guitar at the age of nine. In his early years, he received a golden Les Paul guitar personally signed by Guns N’ Roses’ star guitarist, Slash – a guitar he got by mistake after ordering a cheaper guitar. “Since that moment, I like to think that it was more than luck. Music was something meant to happen in my life. Somehow, I was destined to do something important and valuable in music.”

Skreamz then began dabbling in other instruments, and began to explore music production at the age of 14, creating his own compositions and making remixes of other artists’ music. “I saw how Martin Garrix amazed the world with his magical melodies at his early age, which inspired me to aim a little higher.” To create his compositions, Skreamz creates samples on his iPad, which takes two or three days, then exports his samples to computer. That’s when he adds his flavourful melodies, tweaking them until they sound good, adding sound effects, and finally giving shape to the track. His favourite software programs are GarageBand and Logic. As for what inspires him to create, Skreamz says, “the fact that I love music. Music makes me think everyday and review my feelings. It allows me to do what I really love. I am so thankful to have people support me like my parents and friends, and to be able to enjoy my work. Those are my inspirations.” Skreamz is exceptionally proud to release his debut EP on the Dream House Beats label. He describes the material on his release as such: “On the first song, Good Vibes, I was just letting my feelings out because I was feeling happy. New people were entering my life, people that helped me adapt to a new environment. I was in a good mood. Freedom captures a feeling of liberation when I moved from a strict, boys-only religious school to a more creative English school. I felt that I was finally where I belong. Colors can be explained with one word: truth. Memories is more of an emotional song, a reminder of all the good times I have lived until now, while Moments invokes a state of relax.”

So how does Skreamz want you, the listener, to feel? “I want people to be happy, to smile, and jump at the same time, to identify themselves with my songs, stop thinking and just feel.” Watch for this up-and-coming DJ on the club scene in years to come, hopefully at a performance in your city. “The closest concert performance to what I'd like to do is the Kygo show. When I went to their concert, it was so fun having those LED light synchronized bracelets that they provided to the audience. One word…AMAZING!”

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